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There is a better, faster way! Tombstone Creator will save you so much time you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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Tombstones Fast!

Creating from scratch is super fast!
Or, copy existing tombstones and change the information!

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Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are expensive and don't always produce consistent results. Stop wiating for a graphic designer to produce a new tombstone!

Create Tombstones

Create beautiful investment banking tombstones in seconds! Use company logos, text, dates, lists of pre-defined products or roles. Re-arrange fields with drag and drop. Resize by dragging the corner. The options are exactly what you need to make dazzling tombstones for you next pitchbook!

Create tombstones from scratch or copy a tombstone and update the fields! Creating tombstones has never been faster or easier!

Save time using customized lists. They make consistency easy and save you time typing! Create lists of products or roles or whatever makes sense for you!

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Save, Search & Download

Your tombstones are saved and searchable so you can quickly find the one you are looking for. Then download a png file or copy it and change the values to create a nearly identical tombstone for a different deal!

Download PNG files. They are sized how you want and can be reused in pitch books or on websites to make the case for your next customer!

Search tombstones by date, company, product or role. Find while you type makes finding the right tombstone to download or copy super fast.

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